Preliminary Exercises of Shaolin Kung Fu – Beginners Guide

Shaolin-Kung Fu

As we know Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most famous style of martial art. Because of it originated in Shaolin Temple It combines Chan Philosophy and Martial arts together. It said that Shaolin Kung Fu is the best martial art under the heaven and all the Martial Arts under heaven originated from shaolin Kung Fu. Here I would like to give you some of the preliminary exercises that helps you to prepare your body to practice Shaolin Kung Fu.

Exercises for the head (SHOU GONG)

Both hands cover the both ear orifices, tug at ears with the second finger, make ringing in the ears with the palm, it is possible to get rid of harmful QI, wind and water. Twist your neck with both hands, casting a glance on the right and on the left, shoulder and arms follow the turn, both hands clasp the head and rub it.

Exercise for the face (MIAN GONG)

At first, rub both palms together to reach extreme heat, then rub your face with them. The whole face should be rubbed well as if you wipe off sweat. Then, after spitting at your hands, rub your face again. Both hands massage the face with effort from inside outward, gradually descending and gliding over the face, it should be done 9 times altogether, then massage your forehead 9 times.

Exercise for the ears (ER GONG)

Both hands press on upper part of an ear and rub upward and downward. Take a seat straightly, straighten on leg and draw in the other, raise both arms to the horizontal level, both palms are vertical and directed forward as if they push a door. Twisting your neck, cast a glance back on the left and on the right 7 times altogether to each side. Put both forefingers to ear passages, turn outside 9 times. This exercise is called “cleaver ear” (CONG ER GONG).

Exercise for the eyes (MU GONG)

Each time after waking up, rub your eyes with back side of your thumbs 14 times without opening the eyes. Keeping eyelids tightly closed as before, roll your eyes round in a circle, 7 times to each sense of rotation. Without widely opening your eyes massage both the end of a brow and in the hollow near the bridge of the bridge of the nose 36 times with joints after bending both thumbs. Then rub your palms, both eyes look up, and massage points in the beginning of the ear 36 times with hands. Both hands rub your forehead anti-clockwise, massage from the centre of brows 36 times, swallow saliva. Squat to that both arms are set against the ground, turn your head with force and look back to the left, then back to the right, do so 7 times. That is so called “tiger look” (HU SHI). Rub outward your eyes with the beginning of thumb on their external side 36 times. Move the middle fingers down form eye corners on the side of the nose 36 times. It is also called “method of clear eyes” (MING MU FA).

Exercise for the nose (BI GONG)

Rub the back sides of the thumbs to reach heat. Rub both sides of the nose with them 36 times. Then rub the points located at the distance of 1.5 to 2 cm approximately from the wing of the nose on its outer side from above downward with the forefinger 36 times.

Exercise for the mouth (KOU GONG)

Each time doing the exercise for the mouth, it should be kept tightly closed. If you feel hot and dry in the mouth, bitter taste and no saliva, or there is an inflammation I the throat so that it is impossible to take the food, in that case you get a fever and you have to keep the mouth widely open. Breath out with a sound HE over 10 times, “beat the celestial drum” 9 times., stir saliva in your mouth, repeat outward breath HE and swallow (saliva) again. After appearing clean fluid in the mouth the heat syndrome may be eliminated. That exercise is called “beating the celestial drum” (MING TIEN GU). Your tongue props up the plate and massage it, it cause the secretion of saliva and you will not feel thirsty. If there are no dryness and pathological changes in the mouth, you can advance in gong fu, strengthen your body and bones, extend your lifetime.

Exercise for tongue, teeth, and body (SHE GONG)

The tongue props up the palate, which causes saliva secretion, saliva should be rinsed in the mouth and swallowed. Swallowing saliva in great amount promotes digestion; you may increase nourishment to strengthen your organism and if the organism is strong, the training process will wonderfully speed up.

Exercise for the teeth (CHI GONG)

By clenching teeth 36 times, it is possible to accumulate “the initial spirit” (YANSHEN) it is necessary tightly clench teeth when urinating. “The initial spirit” accumulates, (the body) is suffused with strength and energy, the spirit radiates fullness, one can strengthen one’s health and extend one’s lifetime.


Exercise for the body (SHEN GONG)

Sit (like Turks it do), bending knees; a heel of one feet sets with its lower part against the beginning of the scrotum, thus preventing from ”bleeding” of the substances: spermatic liquide (JING) and the internal energy (QI). The other foot should be put in such a way as to be convenient, the foot should not set against the scrotum, but at the same time it must not suspended. After finishing to do the exercise, it is necessary to stand up slowly, one should not do abrupt arms and feet movement. It is necessary to sit straightly, keep the torso and the spine vertically, one must not tilt aside it is necessary to spread the chest while walking and keep the head high, one must not stoop and lower the head. When lying, the torso should be kept straight, one must not bend the neck and crock the head.


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