The True Story of the Mysterious Dybbuk Box


What is a Dybbuk?

As we know all folklore and cultures tell about evil spirits that wander around the earth to do harm. According to Jewish Mythology, a Dybbuk is an evil spirit that dislocated from the body of a dead person. In Talmudic literature and Kabbalah, Dybbuk is mentioned as ru’ah tezazit (meaning unclean spirit).

The Jewish belief in the afterlife and the judgment in the afterlife. Also, they believe that the wicked will punished for their sins in the afterlife. The Dybbuk is an evil spirit of a sinner who escaped from the afterlife judgment. There are many stories related to the Dybbuk. In 1914, The first story of the Dybbuk appeared in a play written by S. Ansky.  In 2012, a horror movie named ‘Possession’ was released based on a true event that happened which related to a wine box which believed to be possessed by a Dybbuk.

What is a Dybbuk Box?

The term Dybbuk Box was first appeared in an eBay auction by Kevin Mannis, an Antique and furniture refinishing shop owner in Portland back in September 2001. Kevin got this box from an estate sale he made for a woman who had died at the age of 103. He took it to his shop and kept it in his basement. Strange things started to happen in his shop, after the arrival of the box, especially in the basement. Sometimes there is a foul smell comes from the basement, also all the lights in the basement were broken. But he was not taken it seriously.

But the worst thing happened when he gifted this box to his mother on her birthday. After he left his mother’s house, an employee came and told him that something happened to his mother. When he returns back to the house, he found that she had a stroke and unable to speak. The only word she told him using the spell board was ‘Hate Gift’

After that incident, Kevin gave the box to many people including his sister, brother, girlfriend, and also sold it to a couple. Everyone had some unnatural experiences. He also took the box to his home and he also had nightmares and bruises all over his body

At last, he put the box on eBay, and in June 2003, a student named Losif Nietzke from Missouri University buy the box and kept it in his room. But after 8 months he put it back on eBay because his roommate had insomnia and they believed it happened because of the Dybbuk box.


Nietzke sell the Dybbuk box to Jason Haxton. He also had strange experiences in the presence of the Dybbuk box. He decided to solve the dark mystery of the Dybbuk Box. For that took help from scientists, paranormal experts and finally he managed to seal the Dybbuk back into the box. Later he donates the box to Mr. Zak Bagans, the showman of Ghost Adventures to display the box in his museum.

The history revealed: Why the Dybbuk box created?

Jason Haxton is the one who finds the history behind the Dybbuk box. To know more about the box, he called Kevin Mannis. He goes back to the place where he gets the box and after a long discussion with the granddaughter of the lady who was the owner of that estate, she gives him her grandmother’s cousin Sophie’s details. Mannis contact Sophie and she told him the story of that Dybbuk box.

The story goes like this: It happens at the time in between two world wars. When they are children, they made a spirit box and accidentally summoned an evil spirit on November 10th 1938, the night of Kristallnacht. Somehow, they managed to bind the spirit in the wine cabinet.

What was found inside the Dybbuk Box?

Once Mannis opened the Dybbuk box and found the following items inside it:

Two 1920’s pennies

The pennies made of copper. From that, we can understand why the girls put copper inside the box. Many cultures use copper amulets and rings to ward off evil spirits.

A lock of blonde and a lock of brown/black hair bound with cord

It’s very common in many ancient rituals that for a successful ritual like seal what you have summoned by putting an of yourself.

A small statue engraved the Hebrew word ‘Shalom’ in it.

From this, we can understand that they used the inscriptions from Torah to seal the demon inside the box. The word ‘Shalom’ means peace in Hebrew.

A golden wine goblet

In Jewish ceremonies, the wine goblet used to bring health and prosperity.

One dried rosebud

It is sure that this also used for protection against the evil spirit. Because the dried rose and rose oils are used in many magical traditions for protection from evil spirits.

A single candle holder with four octopus-shaped leg

Candles are used in Shabbat to welcome the weekend and rest. It represents peace and light in the darkness.

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