What is Reiki? Learn about the ancient art of healing


Reiki is a spiritual healing and self improvement method that everyone can learn and use. Reiki defined in the oxford dictionary as:

“A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

The word ‘Reiki’ comes from the Japanese word ‘Rei’ (means ‘universal life’) and ‘Ki’ (means ‘energy’). As the name implies reiki uses universal life energy through a medium (reiki healer) for healing. Reiki is not related to any religion or religious practice anyone can practice it.

History of Reiki

It is said that Reiki is not a newly created healing practice but it is rediscovered by a Buddhist monk named Dr. Mikao Usui. The story goes like this: while teaching in a college a student asked him that how Jesus done the healing miracle that he performed. The question made him out on the path to answer that question. After lot of searches he decided to do a 21-day meditation on Mount Kurama and it was during these 21days he received the Reiki energy and symbols.

Dr. Usui returned and decided to go to a beggar city, in the slums of Kyoto. There he spends his 7 years treat beggars and help them live a better life.

For him, reiki was a spiritual practice – an opportunity for everyone to awaken their true nature.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols used as a teaching tool for reiki students. The symbols itself have no special power it is the practitioner himself energize these symbols. There are mainly 5 sacred symbols that used in Reiki these are as follows:

The Power Symbol (CHO KU REI)

This symbol used as a catalyst for physical healing, cleansing, or purification. This symbol acts as a regulator to expanding or contacting the energy flow through the body. This symbol also used to focus.

The Harmony Symbol (SEI HEI KI)

This symbol basically used for purification and mental and emotional healing. Practitioners use this symbol to restore the body’s spiritual balance. Many healers use this symbol to heal past physical or emotional trauma or to unblock certain energies.

The Distance Symbol (HON SHA ZE SHO NEN)

Mostly used in distant Reiki healing, practitioner sends qi across long distances. This symbol has multidimensional uses means, it can used across space and time and will act as a key to open akashic records. The akashic records are believed to be the source of all human consciousness.

The Master Symbol (DAI KYO MYO)

This symbol is the most complex of the symbols to draw with the hand. It used to heal the healer himself by combine the power of harmony, power and distance symbols.

The Completion Symbol (RAKU)

This symbol represents grounding. Reiki practitioners use this symbol at the completion of a healing session to settling the body and sealing the awakened qi within.



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