Vibratory Formula: The Art of Vibrating Sacred Names

When you hear about a traditional magic ritual or spell casting the first thing comes to your mind is the sorcerer or priest saying some words in a fixed rhythm and with a proper tone and pronunciation. Today I am trying to make you understand the importance of words in magic and the vibratory formula.

The vibratory formula is simply meaning that the sacred words that used in magic have no power if we say it in a normal tone. The words should be rhythmic and vibrated. For example, if you chant ‘OM’ it should be vibrated and be synchronized with the breath pattern so that the person who chant the word ‘OM’ must feel the vibration not only in his own body but also he have to feel the word vibrated throughout the universe. By doing this you are attracting the energies of the word.

There are mainly two vibratory formula one is internal and another one is external.

In the internal vibratory formula, we make certain astral and physical part of your body vibrate. For example, in LBRP the sacred words or name of God must be spoke with the proper vibration of your body parts. For example, the divine name AH-TAH, when you say the word, we take a deep breath and say the word when you exhale. The word should be elongated like AAAAHHHHHHH-TAAAAAAAHHHH and vibrated. The vibration needs to be felt in the head. It should be vibrated loudly in a chant-like voice.

The external vibratory formula we vibrate the word and make and feel it like it vibrate both in the physical and astral planes. This method mostly used when we say or chant the God names. We can take the invocation of Pentagram part in LBRP as an example. When you draw the invoking pentagram, you Say God’s names. Let’s take the word ‘AGLA’ when you say the word while tracing the pentagram on air you stretch out the word like AAAAAAAHHHH-GLAAAAAHHH you should use the exhalation and you have to feel the vibration around you, in the physical plane and the astral plane.

For a beginner who practice to vibrate the words properly, here is a tip, when you vibrate the words you actually elongate the vowel part of the word. So next time you practice try to stretch out the vowels and make sure your complete exhalation is synchronizing with the word.

Some times you may run out of air. Practicing breathing exercises will help you to resolve that problem.


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