Smudging: Ancient Ritual of Spiritual Purification

Smudging is a part of spiritual practice that is a process of burning plant resins and herbs in a shell or a clay bowl to produce smoke and to use that smoke for various spiritual purposes like remove negative energies, purification, invocation, etc. Smudging is a very ancient practice. Many cultures do Smudging as part of spiritual practice. For example, in Egypt where materials were burned as part of ceremonies to drive away evil spirits.

We can see Smudging in many cultures. Babylonians and Israel use incense while offering prayers. Even the Roman Catholics still use incense in their mass.

As a spiritual part, the idea behind Smudging is that the smoke captures the bad energy and send it to the heaven. Smudging also provides a number of health benefits. Research shows that the smoke from a burning herb or incense can purify the air from bacteria.

Spiritual and Health Benefits of Smudging?

Different herbs produce different effects when it used at the time of Smudging. For example, to remove negative energy we use Sage. Cedar used as a purifier. Also Smudging certain parts of the body gives specific benefits to the body. Smudge smoke has many other health benefits. For example, burning Sage will increase oxygen supply to the brain which helps in muscle relaxation. In aromatherapy, it’s found that Smudging is very effective.

How to do Smudging?

Before you do Smudging, the area you do Smudging should be well ventilated. This will make sure the smoke will go out properly with the negative energy in the room. Use a fireproof container to burn the herbs or incense stick.

Pray or consider your intention before you smudge. Then burn the herb.

Smudging yourself

Using your hands or feather fan the smoke around your body and visualize the negative energies that attached to your body is removed by the smoke.

Smudging another

It is a good idea to smudge everyone before an event especially in a ritual or ceremony to purify everyone from negative energy. Smudging another is the same as smudging yourself fan the smoke around the person’s body using hand or feather.

Smudging a room or space

When you Smudge a house first Smudge from the outside four directions of the house. start with east and ending to the north. Then enter the house and beginning with the lowest area of your house. Make sure the corners and area behind the doors are Smudged properly.

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