LBRP | Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram (LBRP) is one of the most used protection rituals in the Occult world. It is unknown that where it originated but one thing is for sure the ritual is very ancient. Aleister Crowley was the first one who reveled this ritual on his book Magic in theory & Practice.

Golden Dawn, one of the mainstream organizations in the Occult world gave more importance to this ritual and made it a basic and very important ritual in any magic work. The Golden Dawn taught this ritual to their members before they move on to the advanced levels.

We can say LBRP as a multifunctional ritual because the ritual can be used for banishing and also can be used as an opening and closing part of any ritual.

Why we need to perform LBRP?

There are mainly two reasons you have to perform LBRP

One, many spiritual practitioners know that when they are in the initial stage of spiritual journey, they may attract other entities because the of the growth of their aura. The entities may be good or evil but at the initial stages it is very difficult to understand it. But LBRP helps the practitioner to keep negative energies at bay.

Two, by regular practice of LBRP the practitioner will learn to raise the magical energy and manipulate and direct the energy towards your goal. Mastery of this very important.

How to perform Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram?

The LBRP is a very simple ritual to perform. The only tool that used in LBRP is a dagger to direct the energy. If you don’t have dagger you can use your index finger. The following instructions will help you to learn LBRP:

Take a few minutes to relax and stand facing east. If you have dagger in your hand hold it in your right hand if not, simply use the index finger.

The first part of the ritual is called The Kabbalistic Cross.

Visualize a ball of divine white light above your head draw down energy from above using your dagger or index finger and touch your forehead, vibrating powerfully:

ATEH (ah-tah) = Thine is

Touch your chest and vibrate the divine name powerfully:

MALKUTH (mahl-koot) = the kingdom


Touch your right shoulder and vibrate the divine name powerfully:


VE-GEBURAH (Vih-G’boo-rah) = and the power


Touch your left shoulder and vibrate the divine name powerfully:


VE-GEDULAH (Vih-G’doo-Lah) = and the glory


Fold your hands at chest like you do when you pray then vibrate the divine name:


LE-OLAM (Leh-Oh-Lahm) = forever and ever


Keep hands folded and vibrate the divine name.


AMEN = so be it


Drawing the Pentagrams and the Circle

The next part we are going to trace pentagram in the air while vibrating sacred names and invoking their powers to protect you.


Continue face the east and draw the first pentagram. Try to draw a big one you can. When you draw the pentagram visualize it is done in blue flames thrust the middle of the pentagram and vibrate the sacred name:

JHVH (Yod-He-Vau-He)

Turn to the south and draw another pentagram and vibrate:

ADNI (Ah-doh-nai)

Turn to the west and draw the next pentagram and vibrate:

EHIH (Eh-he-yeh)

Turn to the north and draw the pentagram again and vibrate:

AGLA (Ah-geh-lah)

Now turn to the east, you have completed the circle.

Remember when you turn to the next direction imagine a white light is drawing from the center of the pentagram to the next. So, when you complete, you’ll have four pentagrams in blue flames and a circle of white light that connect center of each pentagram.

Invocation of the Archangels

The final section is the invocation of the Archangels. For that Stretch your arms straight out to the sides and say:

Before me RAPHAEL ( Ra-Fay-El )

visualize the Archangel of air standing before you. As a towering figure dressed in yellow and violet robe.

Behind me GABRIEL ( Gab-Ray-El )

With your eyes closed, visualize archangel of water standing behind you. As a towering figure dressed in blue and orange robe.

At my right hand MICHAEL (  Mih-Chai-El )

open your eyes visualize archangel of fire standing at your right hand. As a towering figure dressed in red and green robe.

At my left hand AURIEL ( Ar- Ree-El )

vizualize archangel of earth. See him as a towering figure dressed in citrine,olive,russet and black robe.

Around me flames the Pentagram. within me shines the six-ray star.


Visualize the Archangel standing around you and a hexagram shines on you chest.

Repeat the Kabbalistic Cross.

You are now protected by the Archangels and you are ready for any magic work.


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